LAFE Mods 0.1.5 Download

Introduction and instalation
LAFE Mods are set of modifications to the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Can be playable only on VCMI engine. You can buy game (Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete) for small price at VCMI is free and open-source and can be downloaded from here.
After instalation of original game you need to install VCMI
1 way ->during instalation you set folder of instalation (change path and name of target folder "VCMI" to the name of the folder of your previosly installed game -> H3Complete).
2 way-> install VCMI wherever and then cut and paste content of folder("VCMI" by default) to main folder of original game (H3Complete)
After successful instalation you will get two brown shield icons of VCMI in main folder of game and also shortcuts on desktop... VCMI launcher enables settings and mods...VCMI_client starts game...
For proper and covenient working you need to download VCMI essential files which are not the same to those in Launcher...Cut and paste content of unzipped folder of VCMI_essential_files to main folder of the game.
You will get HD resolutions, RMG and templates and icons of creatures features.
Mods containing submods have gray ">" displayed before name in on it...
You can download many mods from VCMI mod list . However some of them don't work properly or cause crashes when enabled simultanously.

All mods should be placed into Mods folder which is in main folder of the game...

LAFE Mods contain a number of submods:

Slothlux Town for LAFE Mods
∙ New town for H3(VCMI) available also separately from LAFE Mods
Remember to disable one of version when both installed

∙ Changes prices of buildings in towns to be more balanced and to make town development lasting longer
∙ Moats do triple damage

∙ Changes prices of creatures to be more balanced
∙ some creatures have higher growth

∙ Many magic heroes got extra mana regeneration(not dependent on Mysticism), extra spell damage(not dependent on Sorcery), extra experience -quicker leveling - (not dependent on Learning) ∙ similar bonuses for all heroes in Eagle Eye, Scholar, Scouting, Pathfinding, First Aid and Tactics
∙ Ballista got extra shot and all its shots do double damage ignoring enemy's defence
∙ Gundula and Dessa lost their specialities but became true Battle Mages getting bonuses in Sorcery, Mysticism, Scholar and Learning

∙ Eagle Eye skill gives now chance of learn spells cast by enemy of 40% on Basic(up to 3rd level spell), 50% on Advanced(up to 4th level spell), 60% on Expert(any spell)
∙ Eagle Eye increases spell cost for enemy
∙ Eagle Eye specialists increase spell cost for enemy +1 and +1 every 10 levels
∙ Scholar skill allows now to exchange spells between heroes up to 3rd level on basic, up to 4th level on Advanced and all spells on Expert
∙ Scholar skill has magic channelling depending on level as well
∙ First Aid skill heals now per turn 100HP on Basic, 200HP on Advanced, 300HP on Expert
∙ First Aid skill enchantes all friendly units with Cure
∙ First Aid skill enchantes First Aid tent with Antimagic
∙ First Aid skill strenghtens First Aid tent
∙ Learning skill is now 10% on Basic, 20% on Advanced, 30% on Expert
∙ Learning decreases spell cost
∙ Mysticism skill regenerates 5 mana on Basic, 10 on Advanced, 15 on Expert
∙ Resistance skill is now 10% on Basic, 20% on Advanced, 33% on Expert
∙ Resistance skill combined with presence of some creatures drains mana (Monks, Dwarfs, Gargoyles, Beholders, Orcs, Basilisks, Psychic/Magic Elementals, Spheres)
∙ Sorcery skill is now 10% on Basic, 20% on Advanced, 30% on Expert
∙ Estates skill brings now daily 250 on Basic, 500 on Advanced, 750 on Expert
∙ Scouting brings some extra money and Pathfinding bonus
∙ Tactics increases speed
∙ Archery strenghtens Ammo Cart and enchantes it with Antimagic
∙ Artillery strenghtens Ballista and enchantes it with Antimagic
∙ Ballistics strenghtens Catapult and enchantes it with Antimagic

Enchanced Shooting Towers
∙ Towers during siege shoot twice with shots of double damage ignoring enemies' defence

Enchanced Spells
∙ Death Ripple, Destroy Undead, Inferno do more damage...
∙ free cast of Fire Wall and Land Mine on Expert Fire Magic
∙ free cast of Frost Ring on Expert Water Magic
∙ Hypnotize can affect larger enemy stacks...

Dragon Utopias
∙ Dragon Utopias have now less artifacts and guards are more varied

Master Cure
∙ Uland is now Master Cure specialist.
∙ Master Cure grants immunity for all negative spells and effects it can remove

LAFE Mass Spells
∙ Those spells which had mass effect on expert have now area effect instead...mass versions of those spells are now separate spells...
Single spells on none, basic and advanced somehow cause crashes so don't use them on those levels(mass versions should be safe) or disable this submod...

H2 Artifacts Mod is also recommended... for time being is apart from LAFE mods as uncompleted however playable...

You can use this submods independent from LAFE Mods...just copy folder with submod into Mods folder...